About MCOG

About MCOG

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We are located at 4825 Bicknell Road, Marbury, MD 20658
Church telephone # is 301-743-5110

Welcome Home

Marbury, Maryland
Marbury, Maryland

Always one more place at the table!

God has been calling people to come home to Him for thousands of years. He sent His Son Jesus, Savior and Lord, to be the “firstborn among many” brothers and sisters in this family. We emphasize family, friends and community in this local congregation, always understanding that whenever God adopts someone through the redemption offered in Christ, we have an obligation to welcome them as our own.

Ministry For All Ages

Extending Truth and Love from Generation to Generation

The Marbury Church of God celebrated  its 100th anniversary as a local congregation in 2011. The church has served as spiritual home to generations, and we celebrate the gifts and talents of all ages. From the seniors class to the nursery, and everywhere between, young and old alike participate in the ongoing gospel ministry of the church. We offer Sunday school, nursery services, children’s church,  youth activities and special events for all ages. We cherish the elders who have taught us, and the children and youth who bring joy and vitality to our lives. Looking backward with gratitude, we look forward with expectation and determination to make the love of God known in every way we can in the twenty-first century. Reaching into the community with a food pantry and clothing ministry, and other “mini-missions,” the church seeks to express through action the gratitude we owe to God for all the blessings we enjoy.


Breaking Bread

The Ministry of Table Fellowship

Jesus spent a lot of time eating with different people, and it seems to us that this example is not so hard to follow! Pull up a chair among us when you can, and be a part of the family. One of the best traditions of this congregation is that of hosting “carry-in” dinners from time to time. These happen around holidays, in support of grieving families at the time of a funeral, and once in a while for no good reason at all. Watch for announcements of these special events.

The Word Is Central

Preach the Gospel. Use words when necessary.

Through worship, song, reading and preaching, through classes and activities, in small groups, women’s groups, prayer emphasis, youth, and participation in interchurch activities, we hold up the Scripture as a light for our path. Recently we have seen an upsurge of interest in ministries to and for the community. Food donations for our food pantry are a regular part of our worship. Some of our members have been working hard to establish a clothing ministry for the community. Our pastor and others are involved in groups and organizations to help improve the quality of life for all our neighbors. We recognize that each of us has much to learn, and are thankful that God has provided a way to make us “wise unto salvation.” Jesus is the Living Word, but under His authority the written Word is also life-giving. So we constantly strive to learn and teach one another from the Scriptures, and to open this Word to our children and to everyone we can, not only by learning but by living, as well as we can, in obedience to what God teaches us. Therefore members are encouraged to bring gifts of food, school supplies, and other items to help those around us, as well as supporting mission projects near and far. Some have felt and responded to a special leading to visit the sick and shut-in. We celebrate the talents of musicians in our midst, who can help us raise our voices to God in song. And the ministry of prayer, leading to action, is paramount for us. Upholding a tradition of holiness, we understand that holiness is best shown by living in light of the love of God, expressed through love for our neighbors.

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