You are invited!

A small church with a great big message.
God loves you.  His love can change your life.
Jesus is the Subject. 
Be Bold. Reclaim.
His love is real. It is revealed in the words, actions, and  teaching of Jesus.
Come to Marbury Church of God     (4825 Bicknell Rd., Marbury, MD 20658)
Come to learn more of Jesus: how his way of life can still change the world.
Come and experience:
  • Strong Biblical teaching
  • A Place of  Honest Prayer
  • Opportunities for Service
  • A Worldwide Vision
  • A place to Grow
  •  — Much more!
The Marbury Church of God began generations ago when a few local families caught the vision of God’s church as something much greater than any local congregation, theological position, doctrine, or organization.  Wherever and whenever even a few people focus together on Jesus, on His way of life and his purpose for humanity, they are an organic part of what God is doing to change life for the better.  Based on that vision, this church has been a part of the life of the community in western Charles County for over a hundred years.
We look a lot like any church, where imperfect people celebrate the goodness of God together.  But take a closer look...
Drawing on a rich heritage of music and worship, we enjoy our times together.
But we know we can’t afford to sit still and wait for heaven    
when there is plenty of work to be done on earth.

The love of God is most fully experienced when someone:

  • sits at another’s bedside,
  • offers comfort in a time of sorrow,
  • shares a smile and laughter in a time of celebration,
  • gives when no one is looking,
  • tells the truth,
  • provides a helping hand,
  • works for healing,
  • or reaches out to someone no one else seems to care about.
These things are hard; they take commitment, and inner strength and stability.
Why come to church?  Many reasons, but here’s ours: 
To strengthen one another for the unsung tasks each of us faces every day of the week.
At the Marbury Church of God we work to bring each member support, good cheer, honest sharing, and refreshment, as well as strong, sound biblical teaching, so that each one will have what it takes to bless those around them every day of the week.
If this sounds like something you need (or could help provide), please come visit.  You might find yourself at home.
Pastor Bob Buehler
Come see us:
Every Sunday for Sunday school at 9:00 am
Every Sunday for morning worship at 10:00 am
Thursday evenings for Bible study at 6:30 pm
Special occasions as announced
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