Donations to the Marbury Church of God can help cover the costs of ministry in this community.  We as a church are fortunate to have a faithful group of supporters who give generously and have enabled us to meet our modest budget every year. Nevertheless it is possible that as the ministry grows through the resources now available via the internet, some who cannot be physically present may want to contribute. If you participate online, either via the church website or on Facebook (where we currently provide a live stream of our Sunday service), here is how you may participate financially:

Make checks payable to

Marbury Church of God
4825 Bicknell Rd
Marbury, MD 20658

Some of our supporters use BillPay through their bank, rather than mailing a check.  We do not have a link for online donations at this time.

Should you desire a statement at years’ end for tax reporting purposes, please make sure to provide a mailing address with your payment.

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